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The End
Thursday, May 25, 2017  |  5:43 AM  |  0 said
Assalamualaikum.Hiii. sudah lama tak ber blogger. Do you guys miss me😶

END OF IT.Okay,i know you guys understand what i mean.Well..the end of it,actually i decided to end the stupid thingy lah kan.Bila aku dah letih pretending happy..So now i'll start my new life again.Accept the fact that impossible is impossible so i should grab other opportunities yang selama ni aku dah abaikan.Seriously dah rasa macam bodoh acting like that before.Actually i feel like i've waste lot of my time,bermain masa dengan useless people just like that.Time aku dah start move on kau tetiba cakap sayang.cant forget me bla bla and bla. Percaya la juga walaupun tak mungkin. Kau cerita orng tuduh kau konon kau curi barang motor. Dalam marah aku kesian jugak kat kau,nk jugak dgr cerita kau. guess what?harini tetiba kau kata aku kawan kau sahaja.Dahtu semalam,kelmarin kau tergedik gedik panggil aku sayang kenapa?kelmarin kau konon kata tak boleh lupakan aku bagai..DRAMA HEBAT KAU WEH. dan sedikit sebanyak its hurt me again and again..and you act like nothing happen.Do you ever think abt me just one time?:')

Hey, have to reveal the truth?Don't you wanna know who i am?it's a nightmare to know me ya know. I'm a human who adore purple thingy and emo thingy damn much.i'm neither kind nor evil.I'm undescribeable person.I'm a mystery one.Banyak pulak list ni.Ohmai.HAHA.Right now i'm listening to a track of Avenged sevenfold's songs.They are all awesome,so you know how i am now?i'm not well, but i never feel awesome like this before.K abaikan grammatical error and what else,it is just i'm trying to express my awesomeness feeling gitu. lol. haha~ seriously guys avenged sevenfold is awesome.

And now,i feel nothing to do with a feeling called love,and even with that strange guy i mentioned  before.Rasa macam membodohkan diri sendiri and baru tersedar yang he's not good enough for me.Stupid stop it today to die.but ya i still love him weh x.x.Aku ada habit yang tak berapa nak elok mungkin because of i love emo thingy so kalau aku bad mood or feel uneasy or what, i will act in silence and aku suka draw my eyes with eyeliner setebal mungkin...kinda like emo..Yes it is.My soul is empty..for now's something missing.Should grab a person and cry on the shoulder..i dont know..weh empty weh..fill it fill it.Have no appetite,still can't give out a i'm not okay. *shoot the head*Hey you ..well,i'm not going to kill you now so don't can run away from my life peacefully in hurry.I'm not going to shoot you.Just let me leave, die and dissapear from ur life.
#lifeless, is it. so yeah, that's it. what de eh. go to die eh?

Haha, abaikan entry ini.Have a nice day before you die people.Seize the day.

Thanks for reading :)

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